Marianne Keating Prints


I stumbled upon corkprintmakers and I found this print artist by the name of Marianne Keating. I was really drawn to here work by her use of photo and a 2-dimensional cutout effect with interesting color palettes. Keatings use of flat repeating shapes in the background add sort of a nostalgic mood to composition. Her works above are screenprints on aluminum.

To date my work has been concerned with the individual and the individual’s existence in relation to the masses. The medium I use, screenprint, combining photography and digital media, is integral to my ideas. The high quality of image reproduction, the vibrancy of colours, the versatility of the medium and the commercial quality of screen printing with its flat two-dimensional approach, along with the slick smooth impermeable finished quality that can be achieved, make it an appealing medium to explore. Colour is a strong factor in my work, the use of bold, synthetic pigments and different printing media creates a link with mass reproduction, high consumerism and our throw-away culture, which is reflective of the themes I explore.

Visit her site for more print work.


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