Neil Krug

Pulp Art Book

Pulp Art Book

Pulp Art Book 1

Photos from Pulp Art Book a collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and photographer Neil Krug.



Below are images of Krug’s Invisible Pyramid Film

Invisible Pyramid ad


Invisible Pyramid_1


Invisible Pyramid ad 2


Invisible Pyramid is Neil Krug’s feature film starring Kalee Forsythe and Ainsley Burke. The movie focuses on the two escaping the loss of a loved one in search for an answer to their ambivalence.  The release is set later this fall.


Below are images shot for Ladytron







Check out Ladytron’s Tomorrow music video shot by Neil Krug:



I  was just looking at ffffound earlier and I found a photo by Neil Krug, I read an interview, went to flickr, and blew up into a billion pieces and was reconstructed by Krug himself. His work is really breathtaking and I made this guy my official favorite photographer. His work is very dreamlike, nostalgic, psychedelic, vintage, and unbelievable.


I think it all has to do with my influences over the last couple years. I am a huge fan of 70s Giallo cinema and the Leone spaghetti westerns of the late sixties. The music and disposition of that era is comforting to me in a lot of ways. I’m probably trying to recreate that to some degree.

-fecalface interview with Krug

Neil Krug isn’t really the photoshop kind of guy…he uses cameras like: Polaroid Land Automatic 100, Spectra ProCam, Mamiya 600 SE, One Step, SX-70, i-zone, Pronto RF, Lubitel 166 B, Holga, Colorburst 350, Brownie target Six-16, Exa Jhagee Dresden, Pentax Spotmatic, Regula Sprinty 300, and a gang of Nikons and Canons.


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  1. guardadocumentos

    very nice blog .

  2. What a lovely post! I daresay I am in awe of his work too! The first image is very familiar and I am sure I have come across his work before. But your post just registered Neil Krug in my head for good!

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