Launch Tomorrow

Tycho Live

Dusty Brown_Jessica

Don’t forget the Launch Design and Music Festival is tomorrow. I’m exited to see all the music and design/fashion that will be shown but I am really anxious to see Tycho (top) and Dusty Brown. I here that Tycho is going to start playing around 8:30pm but I haven’t got word yet on what time Dusty Brown will be playing. If you haven’t got you tickets yet there might be some available at the UnitedState store in Downtown Sacramento.

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2 responses to “Launch Tomorrow

  1. Jen

    Hey if you liked the show and want to be a part of the next one drop us a line – maybe then we let you in for free?

    • jetstreamprojector

      I really loved the show and was surprised that it turned out so well because usually I don’t find very many venues throwing sick events like that. The music, design, fashion, free pizza, and location were super awesome. I would definitely like to be a part of the next one. Can you give me more details on what I need to do.

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