Choir of Young Believers

Jannis and Ceciele

Presenting Ghostly International‘s latest signee Choir of Young Believers. The Danish orchestral-pop collective was started by Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. After the breakup of his first band in 2006 he moved to the Samos Island in Greece and began to develop his own solo work. Jannis later returned to Copenhagen and gathered talented musicians and friends to form Choir of Young Believers. Their music is marked by magisterial melodies, dark lyrical concerns, and a healthy dose of cathedral-grade reverb~ghostly. In the video below The band takes their first trip to New York City. Jannis and his cellist companion, Ceciele Trier, appearing in their own world as they trail through the city to perform at an intimate evening gig. The song in the clip is “Wintertime Love,” a time-stopping track from their first full-length album, This is for the White in Your Eyes, which is going to be released August 18th here in the US.

The songs on Choir of Young Believers’ debut album This Is for the White in Your Eyes mix modest folk arrangements with ambitious, grandiose indie pop, cooled with a stoic Nordic distance and glowing with an inner light. Musical nods to Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, Pixies, and Hank Williams abound, but Jannis and his Choir Of Young Believers have forged their own neck-tinglingly singular sound. Live, the Choir takes many different shapes and sizes. Jannis often performs as a duo with a guitar or a piano and cello; other times, up to eight people fill the stage, playing everything from strings and horns to percussion and bells. The one constant is Jannis’ voice: clear, mournful, stretching to the heavens.~ ghostly international


Listen to Choir of Young Believers—”Next Summer

Download it here.


find out more about them at

or myspace


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