Muse – New music from “The Resistance”

Muse is an extraordinary band who have the potential to become historic to our generation. “Absolution” shot-gunned them into that conversation and their follow-up “Black Holes and Revelations” proved they were here to stay. And so comes “The Resistance”, their 5th LP to be released September 14th. Two tracks have just been thrown to the internet blog-hounds and are at this very moment being scrutinized, praised, pissed on, and written off.

The first single, “Uprising”, features a Theremin synth, pattened arpeggios, and the usual rebel-anthem lyrics. What makes this song unique from their previous work is the back-beat, which is a swingy, unwavering bass-drum drive not unlike, dare I say, a Marilyn Manson track  (which isn’t necessarily bad). Even the verse vocal melody has a kind of Manson-like darkness to it. And as hard as it is to say, I don’t particularly like this song.

The second song is entitled “United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)” and starts with a beautiful chord progression, a beautiful string arrangement, a beautiful vocal melody. I mean, seriously, it’s really good. Then comes a very blatant, very talked about Queen-esque  transition which catapults the song from ballad to anthem in a matter of seconds. It’s actually very cool but literally sounds just like Queen and ultimately becomes more distracting than anything. The song ends with a climatic, harmonized shout of “Eurasia” and suddenly decays into Chopin’s infamous Nocturne in E flat with additional string arrangements. It’s a very good and effective idea (though adding anything to such a beloved piece is borderline blasphemous).

In any case, the songs are definitely worth a listen or twelve. Grab em here:

Muse – Uprising

Muse – United States of Eurasia


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