OMNI Magazine


OMNI Magazine cover


CX500 Turbo


Tron (2)

I found these earlier on Eric Carl’s photostream on Flickr. These images are from OMNI Magazine circa 1980s. Most of the covers and images/advertisements inside are amazing often using vibrant colors on a black background. The folio magazine advertisement is technically not a part of OMNI but the ad is very catchy because of the large pencil balanced on the man’s back and the subtle use of typography, a really powerful image. The OMNI Magazine cover has an awesome custom type treatment for “OMNI” on an eerie landscape that looks like Mars. The photo of the man and woman uses wonderful spectral colors and overlapping effects to create an intimate visual. The Honda ad is just super rad and I would love to ride one of those around town. Finally, to top it off there are two remarkable images from Tron…I really don’t need to say much about those too! They are great. I’m definitely going to post more of his collection really soon.

In the meanwhile you should check out more of his collection on Flickr.


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