TNHZ Session 1

TNHZ s.22

TNHZ s.15

TNHZ s.25

TNHZ s.26

TNHZ s.29

TNHZ s.37

TNHZ s.38

TNHZ s.1

The New Humans and I did our first photo shoot last night at their practice spot. This was my first photo shoot of TNHZ that included new drummer Mike. The photos are going to be used to revamp their Myspace and Facebook page. The New Humans were recently interviewed by the Sac Bee and who are including an article of the band in this Friday’s paper (August 7th)…So be sure to pick one up. Check out more pictures from the photo shoot on my Flickr.

Don’t forget to watch them live this Saturday the 8th at Cuffs Urban Apparel. For more information go here.



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6 responses to “TNHZ Session 1

  1. Liz

    Love all the different angles you got – very nice!

  2. Noreen

    I agree with Liz, you sure do have the right eye for photography! Great shots!!

    • jetstreamprojector

      I really enjoy getting good feedback. It motivates me to become better and gives me a drive to give my all in my work. Thanks Noreen!

  3. I think it was a great choice to use a sepia tone instead of having it in color. It made the shadows at some of the corners of the photos more dramatic, which framed the photos very nicely.

    • jetstreamprojector

      Thanks Baotran! I originally had the photos in color but when I changed the tone and messed around with the levels the photos came out way more dramatic in contrast and in quality.

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