Science Fiction Never Looked So Good

tomorrow is too farcybernia

SF5dark universe 1971Mind One 1972what's become

I recently had a post from OMNI magazine from Eric Carl’s collection on flickr. I had have another post of his finds but I couldn’t fit all of it in one post. These book covers are from his Classi Sci-Fi and Fantasy set and contain works form the 1960s to the early 1980s. I absolutely love looking at these because there was so much imagination put into illustrating the covers. It’s like a breath of fresh air looking at these beautiful classic covers compared to the modern-day computer illustrated Sci-Fi covers. On top of that the wear and tear of these books really adds a nice touch on the fact that these books only look better as they age. I checked ebay and you can actually still find copies of these…I really need to pick up a few if not all of them.

Check out recent Omni Magazine post here.



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5 responses to “Science Fiction Never Looked So Good

  1. This is so intriguing- I absolutely love those book covers and can’t wait to find out what lies between them. This is such a great find!
    Thanks for the ebay tip…I am going to check these out right away.

  2. Yay!I ordered Lou Cameron’s ‘Cybernia’ 1972 1st Ed & Ron Goulart’s ‘Death Cell’ 1st Ed 🙂

    Could not find ‘Tomorrow is Too Far’

    Now, I have to wait for a week for them to arrive…which is exhausting!

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