Sandhills Road House

Sandhills Road House (1)

Sandhills Road House (3)

Sandhills Road House (2)

The Sandhills Road House was designed by Fearon Hay Architects on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. This would be the nicest place to relax and read or work on projects. Absolutely beautiful and a true work of art. I really love Modern architecture because so much precision and geometry goes into the design of the buildings.

Located on the Eastern coastline of the Huaraki Gulfs, Great Barrier Island the ‘Great Barrier House’ is a relaxed holiday destination that references traditional notions of bach occupation. Drawing inspiration from the idea of two sheds linked by stretched tarpaulin, the house consists of two habitable areas joined by an expansive floating pavilion. Wide expanses of sliding glass doors & adjustable blinds allow the pavilion to respond to different environmental conditions while providing the location for eating dining & relaxing within the natural surrounds of the property.

Found via Archdaily.


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