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wood circle






the last planet


If you haven’t seen his work already it is about time you did. Mark Weaver is Boston based designer with a very unique style. He gives old images new meaning and life by using a scanner and photoshop. In his interview with defgrip he describes how he finds old books and other places to combine and make pieces from them. He puts new artwork everyday on his flickr page…I’m on it everyday to see what he has come up with next. My favorite of his is the Earth piece with Neil Armstrong. Here he displays fine typographic skills paying close attention to micro and macro aesthetics. I know the original image of Neil Armstrong had a different helmet reflection, so it is really amazing that he replaced it with his own. I have to say it again…the typography is absolutely stunning. I think Mark Weaver is a man of true talent and persistency and I have to say he has truly inspired me to work on something everyday to keep those creative gears turning. Definitely one of my favorite designers.

You can find him on flickr, Behance, and


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4 responses to “Designer: Mark Weaver

  1. porchofthemystics

    So awesome. You have such a great blog! Keep up the good work!

    • jetstreamprojector

      I’m really glad you like my blog…I’m a huge fan of your work! Thanks for stopping by! You should bookmark it so you can check it out periodically. Keep up the fantastic work.

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  3. Pingback: Matt Wisniewski | Jetstreamprojector's Blog

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