A Black and White Affair

Fashion_Poster 2


Original Fashion Poster

For my Visual Image Graphic Design course our first mini assignment for this semester was to transform a horribly designed flyer/mini poster into a large poster of nice aesthetics using clearer hierarchy. Our limitations were we had to use all of the copy, recreate the Rothenburg Family Logo, and use our own images. I kind of worked my way around the idea of using my own images and used an old image of my mother which was obviously not taken by me (which I was inevitably marked down for). I decided to use an old photo because it would be a good attention grabber and it would stand out on a wall at Sac State next to your average contemporary designed posters. The black and white version is the one I turned in but the top poster is one I did in color simply because I love the colors in the original photo. At the bottom is the original poster/flyer for the fashion show.



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2 responses to “A Black and White Affair

  1. UNCLE A........

    I remember that picture………. wow………. that is nice……….

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