DANSK Daily AW09_SpreadDANSK Daily AW09_spread 2

DANSK DAILY is a Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Newspaper created by Applied Projects. Their design studio has only been around since 2007 but they are definitely well established a solid showcase of work. I ran across their newspaper during my magazine research for my San Francisco neighborhood magazine project for graphic design (via ffffound). Whenever I see a nicely designed newspaper I have to snag it to my desktop…it’s like gold. The type treatment of the newspaper logotype is well designed in a simplistic manner and the header and subhead type on the spreads is treated with an uneasiness to it that creates contrast to the well placed body copy. The type isn’t placed in a traditional location on the page with some places overlapping images or right next to an image. There is a nice use of grid but Applied Projects also breaks the grid with running type. I was really impressed by their other work as well so I will be posting some more over the next few days.

In the meanwhile you can check out more of Applied Projects work on their site.


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