Milton Glaser ➡ Drawing is Thinking

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Milton Glaser is a living design legend of our time and his words are always so inspiring and enlightening. In Milton Glaser’s lecture on drawing I could not agree with him more when he says “drawing is essential to understanding form.” In my Visual Principles course in the Graphic Design program we began our symbols process with drawings with line and shape to gain a better understanding of form. Although I have learned this, often times it is difficult to stay consistent with keeping this action a part of my design process. It is so easy to go straight to digital when a quick composition is a few clicks away. This act can be very misleading and can often hinder our ability to problem solve and think creatively. The physical action of drawing is far more problem solving, feeds creativeness, and can be very engaging allowing more of a connection with the left side of the brain. Remember that the computer is not always the best means for developing or even carrying out a project. The use of expressiveness in drawing can be a driving force to help flourish ideas and to gain momentum for moving projects forward.


On a side note, I would prescribe spending at least a few minutes a day to make a quick sketch. Throw out any judgement of your work and just draw. Creativity will thrive as a result of these delicate efforts. I could definitely use a boost in creativity.

Milton Glaser discusses this subject in greater depth in his book Drawing is Thinking.


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  1. Great post Raul. I really have been motivated lately to try my best to include the computer as little as possible in my creative process, rather than using it as a crutch. Its great to see a legend advocate the same principles.

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