TNHZ Update

FEVER 'Teaser' CD

FEVER 'Teaser' Inside Sleeve

FEVER Teaser Cover Art

If you haven’t heard already TNHZ’s Fever Teaser is available at The Beat and Cuffs Urban Apparel. You can buy the Fever track on iTunes as well.

Here is some news you probably haven’t heard yet: The New Humans are back in the studio recording 7 songs for their full length EP. They will be in studio for the next few months and I will be posting updates as they get closer to the release. Over the next month or so I will be working on the EP artwork as well and I might post some teaser shots of the artwork during development stages. So be on the lookout!

TNHZ will have their last show in Sacramento for a while on November 30th at the Press Club with Dusty Brown and Shaun Slaughter. That’s one evening you won’t want to miss.

You can mentioned we’re going into the studio for a few months to record 7 songs for our full length EP and that our last show in sacramento for a while will be nov 30th at the press club w/ dusty brown and shaun slaughter…
the meeting was good…i’ll tell you about it next time i talk to you

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