11 responses to “EXPO ➡ Spring Show Poster

  1. Love these! Great job. I also love art and style that came from the world fairs.

  2. Thank you! I’m actually interested in posting this on the blog this week. Let me know if I can do that.

  3. Would you care to drop me an email if you have any more photos of the posters themselves? If not, no problem.

  4. Yes that is my email. If you send tonight, I can post for the morning, no rush though.

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  6. Hey man

    I was browsing Wanken and saw the Sac State logo from a mile away, and instantly connected it to the Spring Show campaign. Good job. I’m a Sac State grad from 2 years ago and worked closely under Gwen and John, as well as Mario. Glad to see Sac State is doing it up. Peace!

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