Here is a collaborative project I am working on with up and coming character artist Bebe Daolakone. Bebe is my fiance’s 15 year old brother and over the last year I have watched him rapidly develop his skills using the program Blender. If you ask me I think the kid is a prodigy. The character above is a skill-building character he recently designed to further develop his Blender skills. When he showed me his progress I had was stunned and I was telling him how much I was impressed by his work and how innovative it was. What attracts me most to Zero is its retro-modern, futuristic look.

For the image above Bebe obviously did the bulk of the work creating his character from scratch with inspirations from his previous character Super Solder 77. I added the finishing touches using Lightroom and Photoshop to add grain, color, and lighting to make the image look a bit more realistic. The typography was the last addition to the composition but wasn’t the least thought out. We decided to use the font Univers to accentuate the retro-modern, futuristic feel.

All I can say is be on the lookout for Bebe Daolakone. I can guarantee that you will hear about him and see his work in the near future. I will definitely be posting more of our collaborations here on the blog.



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2 responses to “VISION➡ZERO

  1. Awesome work. I like that the type bleeds. It gives it context, as if it were written on the wall, rather than floating perfectly within the frame. I’ll definitely keep my eye out Bebe. I’ll be watching for Raoul Ortega as well!

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