Wrench Monkees ➡ Custom Motorcycles

I was never really interested in motorcycles growing up but two things really changed my mind and that was watching The Motorcycle Diaries and especially finding out about Wrench Monkees. The level of beauty in craftsmanship is far beyond amazing out of this Copenhagen shop. Wrench Monkees offers custom motorcycles that are focused on simplicity, quality, and timelessness . The one featured above is Monkee #11 – Honda CB 750 Four. What attracted me to this one was the simplicity of the design, color, and the line elements. I still don’t know much about motorcycles but I know that when I do eventually get one it is going to look just like this or at least at the same level of aesthetic. The way these motorcycles are designed really portrays a strong appreciation for the mechanics of this machine. How I would love to ride this beast along the coast on Highway 1 while the sun is setting. Oh man!!!


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One response to “Wrench Monkees ➡ Custom Motorcycles

  1. Riding that on any highway while the sun sets would be great. Simply perfectly great.

    Nice post, thanks for the link to the shop in Copenhagen..that’ll burn up a good half hour of my evening enjoyably 🙂


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