JetstreamProjector: The jetstream represents the essence of creative and inspirational works crafted from the minds and efforts of other individuals. The flying aircraft passes through the sky leaving a mark of its trail in the air above just like inspirations leave a lasting impression on us influencing the way we think and create. These works are projected to the world by me (Raoul Ortega) and Cole Cuchna.

Current Authors on the JetstreamProjector blog:

Raoul Ortega (JetstreamProjector)

Raoul Ortega

I am a current Graphic Design student at CSUS from Sacramento, I am currently in the process of establishing myself as a graphic designer, artist, photographer, and entrepreneur. My passions hold strong with design, typography, art, photography, music, film, fashion, and culture in general. I have quite the taste for things of the past so my style reflects some nostalgia. This blog is my way of showcasing my work and projecting what inspires me everyday. In doing so I hope to learn more about the fields I am pursuing and further develop my eye for design, art, and photography. Your comments mean a great deal to me because I can reflect on what I like in a more intellectual manner. This blog is not just for me but for you to experience visual aesthetics that stimulate your mind, heart, and soul. As the blog grows I will be posting more of my personal work while I finish the graphic design program at Sac State. View all posts by Raoul.

Cole Cuchna: TNHZ —Music/Culture Contributor

Cole Cuchna

Cole is a good friend of mine who brings excellent taste in music and culture to the blog. He is a super impressive writer and musician who plays piano and synth for The New Humans who you will here and see a lot of here on JetstreamProjector. I currently do design and photography for the band as well. View all posts by Cole.


8 responses to “About

  1. Noreen

    Nice blog, Raoul!
    I’ll be adding it to my favorites 😀

  2. Damn, nice job so far raoul!

    great job man, i would reply to you via myspace but i cant remember my password so havent been on in about a year.

  3. Tia Jay-Jay

    Love your blog!!

  4. Hey man,
    I saw your work posted on the good ole Wanken blog! Great CSUS posters! I’m a 04 alumni. Hit me up anytime. I work over at BKWLD.com here in Sac. You can also check me out over at jeffdoedesign.com


  5. Hey there!

    We are looking for photographers that we can hire for photo shoots in Sacramento. We came across your profile and we are wondering if you would be able to provide us your rates for the shoot which is theme based and combat sports related.
    Please mention which camera you mostly use and what experience do you have in the photography industry.

    Your earliest response is much appreciated.
    Please drop an email and we’ll get back to you.

    Thank you,
    Victoria Miles,
    Outreach Manager
    RDX Sports Inc.

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