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Meet the New Haven Math Club

Here is splendid ad for Gant Rugger. I found out about video by doing a little digging on the work of art director Albin Holmqvist who is also the man behind the amazing typography of the EF – Live the Language videos. Holmqvist really did a great job at creating the typography to complement the subject matter in a nostalgic manner. It really has that old fashioned feel which was achieved by the vintage filmography and type style and most importantly the fashion.

Perhaps by paying attention to this quick tutorial, the viewer may adopt a few pointers on how to gain an impeccable sense of style

Commercial for Gant Rugger

Directed by NEWNEW by Fashion Tale.

Typography by Albin Holmqvist.


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Launch 2011 is fast approaching. This premier event will entail displays of art, graphic design, photography, and major emphasis on fashion. This year’s music headliner is Neon Indian, a psychedelic synth-pop artist whose sound has been compared to a cross between New Order and a saw wave cutting a Doobie Brothers song in half. Currently touring with Sleigh Bells, they’ve also played the late night stages of Kimmell and Fallon, and received high praise from the New York Times, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone, just to name a few.

Launch Festival is an invigorating audio and visual experience you won’t want to miss. This third annual festival will be on July 23rd at The Greens Hotel in Sacramento. For more information visit or to buy tickets online visit

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Gottschalk + Ash Design

Here are some really nice pieces by Gottschalk + Ash who I previously introduced onto the blog a few posts ago. Once again, I am impressed by their extremely dynamic compositions. What we have here is a severe case of Swiss precision! Check out my previous post on the Galileo Poster.

Via grainedit.


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Modern Photography is Sexy

Demi S Camera

New Bauer C-1 Super 8

Modern Photography – October 1965 / Cover

1965 Interchangeable Lens Guide – Insert / Cover

1965 Interchangeable Lens Guide – Insert / Cover

Here are some of the highlights from Modern Photography magazine, Vol. 29, No. 10 from October 1965. Amy over at Aqua-Velvet put together a lovely post and provided some really nice shots from the magazine. What attracts me most to these advertisements and brochure covers is the very prominent use of Typography. Herbert Keppler, who was Modern Photography’s designer for 37 years, wasn’t afraid to go bold with his usage of type in the designs for the magazine. I just can’t take my eyes off of the Interchangeable Lens Guide. The grid use, bold type, and simple monochromatic images just do it for me. Now that is sexy!

Via Aqua-Velvet.

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A New Penney | Old Goodie

I was really shocked to come across this the other day on AisleOne. I was drawn to the dynamic sequence design but when I looked at the bottom and found ‘J.C. Penney Company Convention’ I was stunned. After looking into the history of the poster I found that it was a one-off design for JC Penney and that the poster was designed during the late-1970s during a transition from an American general merchandiser to a to a streamlined department store with a closely integrated catalog business (container list). What a great way to find out about the influential designer George Tscherny.

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I just absolutely love the simplicity, elegance, and timelessness of this poster which was created by the design legend Armin Hofmann. The poster is for the AUDI 60 which was produced from 1968-1972. Can you believe it? This is pre-photoshop era! The fact that Hofmann was able to achieve such an intriguing visual is incredible especially with the AUDI logotype, which happens to be in of my favorite typefaces Univers, reflecting off the top of the car and appearing through the back window. The off white background is a perfect choice leaving the black car resting nicely in the composition. I would love to get a hold of this poster.

Via AisleOne

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OMNI Magazine


OMNI Magazine cover


CX500 Turbo


Tron (2)

I found these earlier on Eric Carl’s photostream on Flickr. These images are from OMNI Magazine circa 1980s. Most of the covers and images/advertisements inside are amazing often using vibrant colors on a black background. The folio magazine advertisement is technically not a part of OMNI but the ad is very catchy because of the large pencil balanced on the man’s back and the subtle use of typography, a really powerful image. The OMNI Magazine cover has an awesome custom type treatment for “OMNI” on an eerie landscape that looks like Mars. The photo of the man and woman uses wonderful spectral colors and overlapping effects to create an intimate visual. The Honda ad is just super rad and I would love to ride one of those around town. Finally, to top it off there are two remarkable images from Tron…I really don’t need to say much about those too! They are great. I’m definitely going to post more of his collection really soon.

In the meanwhile you should check out more of his collection on Flickr.

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Kalle Gustafsson

FashionAdvertisementFashionTravel Photo

Kalle Gustafsson is a photographer from Stockholm and is represented by the skarp agency. His photos are really beautiful and the grain really adds character to his work. Not only does he have nice effects on his photos he puts his models in beautiful positions and shoots at breathtaking angles. Gustafsson really expresses personality in his model shots. His site has a ton more to look so get over there. This above are only a few of my favorites.

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