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Carolina de Bartolo ➡ Explorations in Typography

I am often intrigued by design shown in its simplest, pure form. Typography is no exception. Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting by Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekermann is a recently published book set to inspire and instruct designers in typesetting. The book is a visual collection of examples that allows designers to learn by looking and is casebound with ultra-thin bookboard, complete with yellow edges. This is indeed a coffee table book any designer should consider.

Explorations in Typography is published by 101 Editions and is available for purchase on, an interactive website that allows users to explore setting type. Options in the toolbox include changing size, leading, alignment, and switching between mock or real text.


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Gottschalk + Ash Design

Here are some really nice pieces by Gottschalk + Ash who I previously introduced onto the blog a few posts ago. Once again, I am impressed by their extremely dynamic compositions. What we have here is a severe case of Swiss precision! Check out my previous post on the Galileo Poster.

Via grainedit.


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Modern Photography is Sexy

Demi S Camera

New Bauer C-1 Super 8

Modern Photography – October 1965 / Cover

1965 Interchangeable Lens Guide – Insert / Cover

1965 Interchangeable Lens Guide – Insert / Cover

Here are some of the highlights from Modern Photography magazine, Vol. 29, No. 10 from October 1965. Amy over at Aqua-Velvet put together a lovely post and provided some really nice shots from the magazine. What attracts me most to these advertisements and brochure covers is the very prominent use of Typography. Herbert Keppler, who was Modern Photography’s designer for 37 years, wasn’t afraid to go bold with his usage of type in the designs for the magazine. I just can’t take my eyes off of the Interchangeable Lens Guide. The grid use, bold type, and simple monochromatic images just do it for me. Now that is sexy!

Via Aqua-Velvet.

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Brionvega Brochures



Check out these beautiful brochure covers designed by Bob Noorda from Brionvega which is a Milan based electronic company.

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