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Jimmy Turrell // Graphic Artist

I recently found out about Jimmy Turrell’s work through Jon’s on ISO50. His collage style is beautifully orchestrated by use of photography and illustration. Jimmy’s style is very unique and if you stop by his website you will most likely find yourself looking at everything he has created.

Check out his portfolio here.


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Chaos and Structure

Here is an absolutely beautiful illustration series by Tatiana Plakhova who was inspired by the Northern Circumpolar Map that was published by Huntington in 1833. The work is a wonderful display of line work, circles, and light.

Check out the rest of her collection on Behance.

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Vhcle Magazine

Vhcle is a lifestyle culture magazine based in San Francisco. This quarterly digital publication focuses on global notes, design, culture and fashion. Vhcle takes a collaborative approach to their content, working with writers, illustrators and photographers internationally.

We are a niche culture magazine where both the written content and design equally matter. It will appeal to the astute minds of today, as well as to those that are aesthetically aware, and will speak into society’s varying lifestyles with perspectives that are beyond the normal intellect.

Vhcle’s Issue 6 features an interview with Frances Chung, Principal Dancer of San Francisco Ballet and a photobook featuring illustrations of Blanca Gomez and photography of Phoebe Dahl and Matthew Tischler.

Find out more about Vhcle here.

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The Infamous Press

Here are some really amazing vintage book cover concepts by Norwegian designer Morten Iveland. So believe it or not these are not actually vintage book covers but were created to visually look as if they were. Iveland did a great job of achieving this effect with his wonderful attention to color and especially paper texture.

Via AisleOne

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OBEY ➡ Muhammad Ali


Another masterpiece by Shepard Fairey. This is such a beautiful depiction of the great Muhammad Ali.

Via World Famous Design Junkies.

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Rock Band: Abbey Road Commercial

The Beatles: Abbey Road

I was so worked up with school yesterday and missed this commercial for The Beatles: Rock Band…I just found it thanks to ISO50. It is a beautiful commercial and if you are a big Beatles fan your heart might drop for about 22 seconds. They sure bring George Harrison and John Lennon back to life in an awesome way. Here is the intro for the game if you haven’t seen it already:

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Inspiration: Borja Bonaque

24 Skates - Nou


Borja Bonaque is an illustrator/designer based out of Valencia, Spain. His illustrations are absolutely marvelous and remind me of Charley Harper‘s style, very geometric simplified forms and shapes with wonderful use of color. Check out more of Borja Bonaque’s portfolio here.

Via ffffound

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Inspiration: La Boca


La Boca is an independent design circus specializing in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries. Their studio is based in Portobello, West London. Their work expresses a heavy amount of nostalgia for the design of the 70s with a bit of a funky style. Check out more from La Boca on their site.

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Designer: Mark Weaver

Make Something Cool Everyday


wood circle






the last planet


If you haven’t seen his work already it is about time you did. Mark Weaver is Boston based designer with a very unique style. He gives old images new meaning and life by using a scanner and photoshop. In his interview with defgrip he describes how he finds old books and other places to combine and make pieces from them. He puts new artwork everyday on his flickr page…I’m on it everyday to see what he has come up with next. My favorite of his is the Earth piece with Neil Armstrong. Here he displays fine typographic skills paying close attention to micro and macro aesthetics. I know the original image of Neil Armstrong had a different helmet reflection, so it is really amazing that he replaced it with his own. I have to say it again…the typography is absolutely stunning. I think Mark Weaver is a man of true talent and persistency and I have to say he has truly inspired me to work on something everyday to keep those creative gears turning. Definitely one of my favorite designers.

You can find him on flickr, Behance, and


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Science Fiction Never Looked So Good

tomorrow is too farcybernia

SF5dark universe 1971Mind One 1972what's become

I recently had a post from OMNI magazine from Eric Carl’s collection on flickr. I had have another post of his finds but I couldn’t fit all of it in one post. These book covers are from his Classi Sci-Fi and Fantasy set and contain works form the 1960s to the early 1980s. I absolutely love looking at these because there was so much imagination put into illustrating the covers. It’s like a breath of fresh air looking at these beautiful classic covers compared to the modern-day computer illustrated Sci-Fi covers. On top of that the wear and tear of these books really adds a nice touch on the fact that these books only look better as they age. I checked ebay and you can actually still find copies of these…I really need to pick up a few if not all of them.

Check out recent Omni Magazine post here.


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