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Dieter Rams Inspired

Just recently I took a trip down to the SFMOMA to view the marvelous exhibit of Dieter Rams and his work with Braun. With his amazing ideals and ethos displayed on the walls in bold words and physically showcased with his Braun product designs on clean displays the experience was inspiring and remarkable. I have found myself steering more towards the idea of minimalism in my recent years as a designer and definitely see myself exploring more of it’s principles in the near future and beyond. A wealth of knowledge was gained after my visit to see Mr. Rams’ timeless work with Braun but much more is to be learned of this ideal. I am working on a post to discuss my observations and to show them photographically. Stay tuned.

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Wrench Monkees ➡ Custom Motorcycles

I was never really interested in motorcycles growing up but two things really changed my mind and that was watching The Motorcycle Diaries and especially finding out about Wrench Monkees. The level of beauty in craftsmanship is far beyond amazing out of this Copenhagen shop. Wrench Monkees offers custom motorcycles that are focused on simplicity, quality, and timelessness . The one featured above is Monkee #11 – Honda CB 750 Four. What attracted me to this one was the simplicity of the design, color, and the line elements. I still don’t know much about motorcycles but I know that when I do eventually get one it is going to look just like this or at least at the same level of aesthetic. The way these motorcycles are designed really portrays a strong appreciation for the mechanics of this machine. How I would love to ride this beast along the coast on Highway 1 while the sun is setting. Oh man!!!

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I just absolutely love the simplicity, elegance, and timelessness of this poster which was created by the design legend Armin Hofmann. The poster is for the AUDI 60 which was produced from 1968-1972. Can you believe it? This is pre-photoshop era! The fact that Hofmann was able to achieve such an intriguing visual is incredible especially with the AUDI logotype, which happens to be in of my favorite typefaces Univers, reflecting off the top of the car and appearing through the back window. The off white background is a perfect choice leaving the black car resting nicely in the composition. I would love to get a hold of this poster.

Via AisleOne

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Brionvega Brochures



Check out these beautiful brochure covers designed by Bob Noorda from Brionvega which is a Milan based electronic company.

Via grainedit

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The Design Genius of Ray and Charles Eames



In my Advanced Graphic Design class our current project is to design a set of playing cards. The first task for the project is we have to develop a theme for the playing cards. One idea I had was to use some of the design chairs that were most famous in design history. Whenever I think of great chair designs the Eames duo always comes to my mind. Ray and Charles Eames were known for their iconic style and innovation in their designs. I remember watching their grandson Demetrios talk on TED which was really refreshing and insightful (the video above).

One can’t really define an “Eames style”. Why? Because they practiced design in the purest sense: they solved the problem through innovation and relentless testing. They let the function of the object determine its form.

If you haven’t seen their video Powers of 10 you definitely need to give it a watch:

Via The Mid—Century Modernist

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QLOCKTWO: Telling Time With Words


qlocktwo color versions

‘qlocktwo’ designed by biegert & funk describes the current time with statements like ‘it’s ten past ten’ or ‘it’s half past twelve’. individual minutes are shown via white dots in the corners of the clock and the display can also be adjusted to show a second timer (see video below).
biegert & funk sell the handmade clocks in english, german, spanish, italian, dutch, and french versions. colors include black ice tea, cherry cake, vanilla sugar, frozen blackburry, lime juice and light caramel.

The QLOCKTWO is a gorgeous modern piece designed by Biegert & Funk that projects the current time with statements  rather than numbers and hands. Some examples of the statements are  ‘it’s ten past ten’ or ‘it’s half past twelve’. Individual minutes are shown as white dots in the corners of the QLOCKTWO and the display can also be adjusted to show a second timer. I have to say this is really a timeless design and it would look so perfect on the wall next to my drafting table.

These handmade clocks are sold by Biegert & Funk and available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and French versions. Colors include black, cherry cake, frozen blackburry, ice tea, vanilla sugar, light caramel, and lime juice.

The bad news first, the clock retails for a whopping $1565! That is absolutely way out of my price range. The good news is if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can purchase a nifty program which simulates the QLOCKTWO’s functionality for 99 cents over at the App Store.

Find out more information on their

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Benedict Redgrove: Pininfarina and Bertone









Benedict Redgrove is a very meticulous photographer experimenting with clever compostitions, angles, and scale to create nostalgic images of high graphic quality and timelessness. The cars he shot above are from Italian car makers Pininfarina (top three) and Bertone. I usually don’t care too much about cars but Redgrove has opened my eyes to how beautiful cars can be. These are my top picks from his photography collection but he has more of modern cars as well. Check out more of his work on his site.


Via ISO50.

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EXOvault iPhone Case

bottom aluminum

brass and aluminum angles


Here we have the EXOvault iPhone case beautifully hand-crafted by two Brooklyn sculptors. The case comes in light aluminum, classic brass, or aerospace grade titanium and fits 2G, 3G, and 3GS models. These are going to age and patina quite nicely…personally I’d prefer the used look.

Check out more angles of the EXOvault here.

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1960s Panasonic Radio Clock

Panasonic Radio Clock from the 1960s

I haven’t been on The Mid-Century Modernist for quite some time so I thought I’d check it out today and I ran across this sleek design by Panasonic. I really got to get a hold of one of these…it would go perfect on my work desk. I’d probably get too distracted from staring at it so much.

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BBF Forever!

Blackbird, fly

Blackbird, fly developed

Here is the Blackbird, fly twin-lens reflex camera. Unlike common twin-lens this one takes 35mm film so you can take it to any one-hour to get developed. The photos come out beautiful and take on dream-like qualities. This is definitely on my to-get list.

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