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Carolina de Bartolo ➡ Explorations in Typography

I am often intrigued by design shown in its simplest, pure form. Typography is no exception. Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting by Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekermann is a recently published book set to inspire and instruct designers in typesetting. The book is a visual collection of examples that allows designers to learn by looking and is casebound with ultra-thin bookboard, complete with yellow edges. This is indeed a coffee table book any designer should consider.

Explorations in Typography is published by 101 Editions and is available for purchase on, an interactive website that allows users to explore setting type. Options in the toolbox include changing size, leading, alignment, and switching between mock or real text.


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I ran across this genius of a site today and I swear it was like I struck gold! Wordmark allows you to preview all of the fonts that are installed on your computer…just type in whatever word you wish. Check out the sample above! We can thank Fahri Özkaramanlı for designing such a wonderful resource. I’m thinking about keeping this a secret from my fellow designers at school unless they are a regular on the blog in which they will find out anyways. Muahahahaha. One of my goals for my last semester in the design program is to explore new typefaces and using is a wonderful way to do so. I will definitely be utilizing this site. I guess I can share it with them if they give me good, honest critiques.

Via nerdski.


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