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Fighting Vulgarity

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Massimo Vignelli is one of my favorite designers not just because of the work he has produced but because of his design wisdom. His design philosophy is always so inspiring and gives a sense of hope for the future of design. Listening to his words in this short clip was really encouraging.

You have to train yourself to have vision, courage, and determination. These three things to me are very important. You have to work with people who have it and at the same time you have to have it so you can install it on people. You can excite them about it. You can show that you have a vision. You can show to them what they cannot see.

Via nerdski.

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JetstreamProjector ➡ Designspiration

Great news!!! I’ve joined the Designspiration team started by my friend Shelby White. Shelby runs his own blog called Wanken and is also a contributor on ISO50. During this past year he master minded a website to provide inspiration for designers and creatives of all realms. The site is updated all day everyday by several contributors including myself under my moniker JetstreamProjector. You can check out what inspires me under JetstreamProjector on Designspiration.

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Gottschalk + Ash Design

Here are some really nice pieces by Gottschalk + Ash who I previously introduced onto the blog a few posts ago. Once again, I am impressed by their extremely dynamic compositions. What we have here is a severe case of Swiss precision! Check out my previous post on the Galileo Poster.

Via grainedit.


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The Infamous Press

Here are some really amazing vintage book cover concepts by Norwegian designer Morten Iveland. So believe it or not these are not actually vintage book covers but were created to visually look as if they were. Iveland did a great job of achieving this effect with his wonderful attention to color and especially paper texture.

Via AisleOne

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A New Penney | Old Goodie

I was really shocked to come across this the other day on AisleOne. I was drawn to the dynamic sequence design but when I looked at the bottom and found ‘J.C. Penney Company Convention’ I was stunned. After looking into the history of the poster I found that it was a one-off design for JC Penney and that the poster was designed during the late-1970s during a transition from an American general merchandiser to a to a streamlined department store with a closely integrated catalog business (container list). What a great way to find out about the influential designer George Tscherny.

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Mid-Century Corporate Design

I ran across one of these today on FFFFOUND and I followed the link over to the site where they were linked to and I was stunned to find these other designs. Aqua-Velvet put together a post called Mid-Century Corporate Design – Part 1 and displayed a few other really nice corporate designs. The three I posted above are my favorite of the bunch because of their strong use of color and dynamic composition. The first design is a compelling type-dominant cover and uses a nice layering effect. The last two have a science fiction feel to them with their abstract representation of their subjects. The part that makes these so timeless to me is the texture and worn out look of the covers.

All of these images are from sandiv999’s photostream.

Check out my previous post on science fiction book covers.

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Design Inspiration ➡ Michael Cina

I’ve seen his work before but it wasn’t until recently that I found out who he actually was. Michael Cina has done work for some of the artists on the Ghostly International Record Label which is where I’ve seen his work. He is also the cofounder of YouWorkForThem and is currently running the Minneapolis, MN studio. I was on his site CargoCollective and I found so much inspiration in his work. The ones above are just a few of my favorites. What draws me most to Cina’s work is the depth and layering of his compositions. His superb typography knowledge and skills are clear in his work as well. He is not afraid to go small the some of the type focusing on the micro-aesthetics.

Check out more of his work at CargoCollective.


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Launch Design and Music Festival

If you still haven’t heard by now the Launch_Design and Music Festival is going to be in Sacramento on July 25, 2009.

Main Stage

DJ sets by LA Riots,Dances With White Girls, & Tycho. Live performances by Wallpaper, Love Like Fire, Dusty Brown, and Sister Crayon.

Downtempo Whine Lounge

Music by The Pool Music by Rock bottom and Mookie

Risque Electro Lounge

Mike Diamond, DJ Greg J, Must.Not.Die. and The Robot and JJ

This show is going to be epic I am really looking forward to seeing Tycho who I haven’t seen since 2007. I hope to see you all there. You can purchase tickets from UnitedState on 1014 24th Street in Midtown Sacramento for $16 general admission or online at launch.vhcle.com for about $24. It seems obvious where you should get the tickets.

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