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Designspiration P1

So I am starting a simple post series of my inspiration derived from my saves on Designspiration. If you haven’t got a chance to check out the site now is the chance. I was invited earlier this year to be a member of the site and have utilized this wonderful resource quite frequently. So above is just Projection 1 from the JetstreamProjector Designspiration inspiration bank. In these projections I will be posting just small selections of my most recent saves. The Projection 1 feature includes a wonderfully designed poster for the band Vintage Modernists, the essential Dieter Rams’ “10 Principle Principles of Good Design” poster, as well as a beautiful poster of the great Massimo Vignelli’s “5 Phrases to Live By.” Many many more to come.

Check out more of what inspires me: JetstreamProjector on Designspiration

Also, check out Bruce Mai’s inspiration: Threefoureight on Designspiration

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JetstreamProjector ➡ Designspiration

Great news!!! I’ve joined the Designspiration team started by my friend Shelby White. Shelby runs his own blog called Wanken and is also a contributor on ISO50. During this past year he master minded a website to provide inspiration for designers and creatives of all realms. The site is updated all day everyday by several contributors including myself under my moniker JetstreamProjector. You can check out what inspires me under JetstreamProjector on Designspiration.

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