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New Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Got a call earlier from my friend Ian and guess what he was playing in the background? New Radiohead! Completely caught me by surprise. Thank you Jakub for posting the music on ISO50. I’ve been in a design slump lately and this is definitely going to get the creative juices flooding my brain.¬†The video featured above for ‘Lotus Flower’ is one of the singles for the new album The King of Limbs. I didn’t know what to think of it the fist 10 seconds but after watching it all of the way through I couldn’t get enough of it. Thom Yorke you can dance like a maniac all day! We will be posting a review of the new album within the next few days so pay a visit.

In the meanwhile, get over there and buy the new album The King of Limbs.


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The New Humans

TNHZ_Scott 2TNHZ_ScottTNHZ_Cole

Here are some of my most recent live photos of The New Humans [TNHZ] taken back in March or April at the Press Club. Check out more photos of them on my Flickr page and if you haven’t heard their music or want to find out more check out Myspace or facebook.

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