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Meet the New Haven Math Club

Here is splendid ad for Gant Rugger. I found out about video by doing a little digging on the work of art director Albin Holmqvist who is also the man behind the amazing typography of the EF – Live the Language videos. Holmqvist really did a great job at creating the typography to complement the subject matter in a nostalgic manner. It really has that old fashioned feel which was achieved by the vintage filmography and type style and most importantly the fashion.

Perhaps by paying attention to this quick tutorial, the viewer may adopt a few pointers on how to gain an impeccable sense of style

Commercial for Gant Rugger

Directed by NEWNEW by Fashion Tale.

Typography by Albin Holmqvist.

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Lavafilm Identity

Lavafilm Identity

Lavafilm Identity

Lavafilm Identity

Lavafilm is a film company based in Oslo, Norway. What caught my attention to the branding of Lavafilm was the emphasis of a body of visual elements in creating an identity system in lieu of a standard logo. This collaboration between Henrik Wold Kraglund and Ludvig Bruneau Rossow implements a strong palette of custom typography and photography, as well as heavy use of a grid structure and grayscale color palette. The custom typography used for the identity is a striking exploration of merging a serif with a sans-serif typeface.

The concept for Lavafilm’s identity is inspired by natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. During an earthquake, solid objects will divide and move to random positions. This has been the basis for the development of our solution.

Via the Behance Network.

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Don’t even ask me how I stumbled across Midori Tsunoda‘s work. I have been meaning to post her work for the longest time so here it is. Midori is a Japanese based photographer and produces really stunning work that sucks your eyes right in to the subject by way of color, composition, and attention to detail. The photos are washed out with colors that pinch your soul with perfection. She really does a fabulous job of incorporating the background with the subject (i.e. the color of the subject with matching the color of the background). Specifically the third photo displays a background that is indulging the model in a fog-like form. It is refreshing to see that kind of aesthetic added to photography.

You can check out more of here work here.


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The Visual Life of the Sartorialist

My good friend Liz posted this on my wall today on Facebook and I made sure to grab a cup of warm tea and to shut off any noise in my house to watch it. I’ve been a follower of Scott Schumman‘s blog The Sartorialist for over a year now and his work has been so inspirational for me. I’ve actually gifted his book at least three times already. As a photographer, this video is a breath of fresh air. Scott talks about how he came to be a photographer and why his work is so significant to our culture and especially our future. Oh and he uses the same camera as me; the good ol’ Canon 5D. Thanks for sharing this with me Liz.


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DANSK Daily AW09_SpreadDANSK Daily AW09_spread 2

DANSK DAILY is a Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Newspaper created by Applied Projects. Their design studio has only been around since 2007 but they are definitely well established a solid showcase of work. I ran across their newspaper during my magazine research for my San Francisco neighborhood magazine project for graphic design (via ffffound). Whenever I see a nicely designed newspaper I have to snag it to my desktop…it’s like gold. The type treatment of the newspaper logotype is well designed in a simplistic manner and the header and subhead type on the spreads is treated with an uneasiness to it that creates contrast to the well placed body copy. The type isn’t placed in a traditional location on the page with some places overlapping images or right next to an image. There is a nice use of grid but Applied Projects also breaks the grid with running type. I was really impressed by their other work as well so I will be posting some more over the next few days.

In the meanwhile you can check out more of Applied Projects work on their site.

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Kalle Gustafsson

FashionAdvertisementFashionTravel Photo

Kalle Gustafsson is a photographer from Stockholm and is represented by the skarp agency. His photos are really beautiful and the grain really adds character to his work. Not only does he have nice effects on his photos he puts his models in beautiful positions and shoots at breathtaking angles. Gustafsson really expresses personality in his model shots. His site has a ton more to look so get over there. This above are only a few of my favorites.

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Launch Design and Music Festival

If you still haven’t heard by now the Launch_Design and Music Festival is going to be in Sacramento on July 25, 2009.

Main Stage

DJ sets by LA Riots,Dances With White Girls, & Tycho. Live performances by Wallpaper, Love Like Fire, Dusty Brown, and Sister Crayon.

Downtempo Whine Lounge

Music by The Pool Music by Rock bottom and Mookie

Risque Electro Lounge

Mike Diamond, DJ Greg J, Must.Not.Die. and The Robot and JJ

This show is going to be epic I am really looking forward to seeing Tycho who I haven’t seen since 2007. I hope to see you all there. You can purchase tickets from UnitedState on 1014 24th Street in Midtown Sacramento for $16 general admission or online at launch.vhcle.com for about $24. It seems obvious where you should get the tickets.

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