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Mid-Century Corporate Design

I ran across one of these today on FFFFOUND and I followed the link over to the site where they were linked to and I was stunned to find these other designs. Aqua-Velvet put together a post called Mid-Century Corporate Design – Part 1 and displayed a few other really nice corporate designs. The three I posted above are my favorite of the bunch because of their strong use of color and dynamic composition. The first design is a compelling type-dominant cover and uses a nice layering effect. The last two have a science fiction feel to them with their abstract representation of their subjects. The part that makes these so timeless to me is the texture and worn out look of the covers.

All of these images are from sandiv999’s photostream.

Check out my previous post on science fiction book covers.

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Inspiration ➡ Josh Vanover

I’ve been busy like crazy lately and I can’t recall where I came across Josh Vanover‘s. I’m thinking it was most likely on ffffound. I was really intrigued by his use of distortion with a (most likely) television image process. I created a typography project last fall in the graphic design program at Sac State where I used a very similar process. I am planning a shoot with The New Humans some time before this year ends and the project will reminisce a similar but very different treatment to this series.

Check out more of Josh Vanover’s on Behance and his site. The photos are featured in a series which can be found on his flickr by his name spaceknuckle.


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