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Federica Erra Fotografa

The haunting and breathtaking work of Federica Erra. Her unique perspectives with people and use of color tell stories through the quietness of her photos.

Check out more of her work here.



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Pablo Delfos Photography

I found out about Pablo Delfos this morning through a great post Jonathan did on ISO50. It’s really inspiring to see a photographer still using film and traditional photo processing. Delfos’ work is all in black and white and has a Surrealist touch to it. You definitely need to check out more of his work.

Pablo Delfos

Via ISO50

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Ganglians + Jamie Harley

I was tapped into the wonderful work from the master found-footage manipulator Jamie Harley late last year with his work with Memoryhouse and recently included a video he made for their new “For the Years” EP. Jamie simply searches for perfect visual counterpoint to the songs he loves. He does this by deconstructing old films and remolding them to harmonize with contemporary indie music.

I really held myself back from including all of his videos in this post. This video for local Sacramento band Ganglians really brings the visual elements up to par with their stellar music. If you haven’t heard of this band I don’t know a better way than this to be introduced with this remarkable video for “Bradley.” The altered minimal color palette produces a cold feel of the film which, in its beautiful imperfection, projects the music and visuals in a harmoniously. Makes you forget that the film and music were originally separate entities. It is absolutely lovely that almost every frame/scene could be a stopped in any moment in time to create a photographic gem. Now let it soak in your vision and dissolve in your memory.

Check out more his work here.

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Abstract motion visuals designed by Russian company Andrey Muratov. The music complements the stop motion quiet well and the washed out colors set the appropriate mood for the video.

Via Design Collector.

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Memoryhouse ➡ Caregiver

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just stumbled on this beautiful video by The Tearist for Memoryhouse‘s “Caregiver” and I was spellbound. The song is hauntingly beautiful and really stabs the soul with a pleasant rush of purity. The video adds another dimension to the music creating something very surreal and mesmerizing. The clips are sampled from scenes of “Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors” by Sergei Paradjanov. Memoryhouse has really become one of my favorites over the last year and I am so anxious to hear their new album set to be released very soon.

Via Memoryhouse.


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Summer Nostalgia

Summer time, photos from an adventure with my lovely friend and fellow photographer Megan Yarnell and an image from a Chicago Trip.

Julie Craig

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Visions of Tomorrow Concept 1

Visions of Tomorrow | Science Film Festival 2010

This is my first concept for my film festival project that I am currently working on. I chose the Science Fiction Film Festival because of my love for Sci-Fi films, books, and art. The theme I came up with is ‘Visions of Tomorrow’. I’ll be posting more as I further develop the project.


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I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me

Here’ s a real feel-good love story…New Buffalo’s: I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me (remixed by Broken Social Scene). The video was filmed beautifully by Karen Abad for her MFA thesis in Cinematography.  Shot on Super 16mm with the Arri SR3 and a Bolex H16 Reflex on Kodak 7219 500T Vision 3 and 7205 250D Vision 2…giving the film a nice vintage feel. I really enjoy the original of this song but I have to say the remix by Broken Social Scene is pretty amazing. I have had this video saved for a while and I just keep going back and watching it…there’s something special about the story. Check out more at karenabadmfa.tumblr.com.

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