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Jon Hopkins ➡ Insides

Jon Hopkins - Insider live

Jon Hopkins - Insider live

I was browsing a few of my favorite blogs and I found this video of Jon Hopkins. I had never heard of him before but was really intrigued by his live performance at ICA in London as well as the unique video production. I am currently working on a title sequence for THX 1138 for my time-based graphic design class and this is a great source of visual inspiration for my project. Some of the characteristics I want to  show are static, glitchy, grungy, and gritty. The Insides video is exactly that. Jon Hopkins really performs like a prodigy.

We were really keen on making a gritty, abstract performance video. So we set to work with magnets, screwdrivers, VHS tapes and a host of other techniques: We made an initial edit and played this back through a £3 TV we picked up at the local market, and ‘manipulating’ it with a screwdriver allowed us to flutter and flicker the image on screen. We’d also bought an industrial strength magnet and used that to distort and twist the picture on itself. We made several runs through the track in this way before playing everything out to VHS (with obligatory stomping and scrunching).

This effectively gave us a new set of footage to make a tailored, grunged-up edit of the original piece.

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