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Blase Stamp Design

Designed by Karl Oskar Blase, visually the design is really working for me: vertical typography, strong imagery of the child, and the silhouettes of industrial-like buildings framing the image with subtle overlap. The accent magenta is quite nice as well.

Via DavidMcFarlin’s Photostream.

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Don’t even ask me how I stumbled across Midori Tsunoda‘s work. I have been meaning to post her work for the longest time so here it is. Midori is a Japanese based photographer and produces really stunning work that sucks your eyes right in to the subject by way of color, composition, and attention to detail. The photos are washed out with colors that pinch your soul with perfection. She really does a fabulous job of incorporating the background with the subject (i.e. the color of the subject with matching the color of the background). Specifically the third photo displays a background that is indulging the model in a fog-like form. It is refreshing to see that kind of aesthetic added to photography.

You can check out more of here work here.


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Neil Krug Update

So I just placed my order today for Neil Krug‘s Pulp Art Book! I’ve been waiting over a year now for it to be released and now it is finally here. Being one of my favorite photographers, his work never seizes disappoint me. Here a taste of some of his latest work. The colors are absolutely amazing. I really need to get a hold of some expired polaroid film.

Check out the previous posts on here.


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The Infamous Press

Here are some really amazing vintage book cover concepts by Norwegian designer Morten Iveland. So believe it or not these are not actually vintage book covers but were created to visually look as if they were. Iveland did a great job of achieving this effect with his wonderful attention to color and especially paper texture.

Via AisleOne

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Inspiration ➡ Josh Vanover

I’ve been busy like crazy lately and I can’t recall where I came across Josh Vanover‘s. I’m thinking it was most likely on ffffound. I was really intrigued by his use of distortion with a (most likely) television image process. I created a typography project last fall in the graphic design program at Sac State where I used a very similar process. I am planning a shoot with The New Humans some time before this year ends and the project will reminisce a similar but very different treatment to this series.

Check out more of Josh Vanover’s on Behance and his site. The photos are featured in a series which can be found on his flickr by his name spaceknuckle.


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New Contributor ➡ Julie Craig

I’m very proud to announce the newest contributor to Jetstreamprojector Julie Craig. I met Julie last semester in our Alternative Photo class. After seeing the photos she was producing in our class I knew that I wanted to collaborate with her in the future somehow. Julie’s work is primarily analog and she has a clever nostalgia to her photography. She will be posting work of her own as well as her inspirations. The photos above are just a few of my favorites. Please drop a line and give her a warm welcome!

Check out more of Julie’s work on her flickr.

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Pierre Debusschere Photography

I was walking through Newsbeat in Midtown Sacramento a few weeks ago and I was captivated by the cover of Dazed & Confused. I knew right away that it was The XX but I held the magazine in my hands and stared at the cover for a good amount of time before I even bothered to look inside. The man who orchestrated these eerie-dreamlike shots in the magazine is London based photographer and filmmaker Pierre Debusschere. His work embodies a multimedia crossover pushing a new way of seeing and creating fashion image. Check out more of his work on his work here.

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