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The New Vhcle Mag

So I have big news to announce. I have recently joined the Vhcle Magazine team! I have always admired the Vhcle vision and I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. During the process of hopping on board I also brought my friend, colleague, and fellow JetstreamProjector contributor Bruce Mai.

We were given the incredible opportunity with Issue 7 to break down and reconstruct the entire magazine to give it a new and refined look. What really helped us gain a true understanding of the essence of the magazine was doing research and analyzing the past issues with a critic’s eye. Right off the bat, some of the important changes we decided to make were to establish a new grid and to update the typography of the magazine while maintaining the sophistication and independent feel of previous issues.

Another important layer we wanted to introduce was storytelling. Photos can be arranged and cropped in a strategic manner in order to tell a story and we wanted to use this as a tool to engage readers at more than just a contextual level but to bring a level of nostalgia or story discovery aspect. This is not to say that every section of the mag has blatant stories. The photos and other visual elements were arranged in a way to tell simple stories of multiple interpretations and develop a mood using the rhythm. Disregarding the cookie-cutter technique each spread is unique on its own and works in harmony with the other spreads to create a magazine that is not only viewed but experienced.

The cover and spreads featured above are from Issue 7 which was released on September 11th. As from this point forward we will be bringing nothing but progress of the magazine to you. Vhcle Magazine is only available online but with our team stronger than ever we plan to be in print very soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the evolution of Vhcle.

Get on over to Vhcle.com to check out the full issue and drop a line because we love feedback.

Check out the Bruce’s previous post on the magazine here.

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Wow! If all newspapers looked like this I would probably be broke from buying them all. My friend Liz sent this to me today and I just had to post it. The print was designed by Brianna Johnson for her MLK Jr. Free At Last project. She did an brilliant job creating a type-only spread with a retro feel. I just love this. I don’t quite know if it was actually printed or if this was her student project but If anyone knows please leave a comment. Check out more of her work from this project at Typography Served.

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TCHO Chocolate

TCHO Chocolate packaging

TCHO_currency style

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TCHO is a new chocolate company based out of San Francisco. With use of a sophisticated color palette and stunning packaging TCHO sets the bar for a new way of presenting chocolate. The identity was designed by Edenspiekermann run by the man himself Erik Spiekerman. Giving strong reasoning to all of their design decisions, TCHO Chocolate stands as a professional company presented in an appealing and memorable way. One of the most interesting qualities of the branding is the use of currency style for the packaging. Scott Hansen put it nicely, “a striking design which vaguely conjures the notion of European currency whithout making you forget you’re supposed to eat it.”

Via ISO50

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