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Modus Vivendi_Sonitus



Modus Vivendi is derived from Latin for the way of living and Sonitus means sound. With the three words together, my translation goes, “The way of living through sound.” I recently displayed my work for a show called Constellation which was put on by some great friends of mine, Jim Sheppard and Liz Simpson. For this show, I decided to showcase my live band photography for the first time. I carefully selected the works that had an overarching mood and similar elements which created complimenting compositions for me to work with. Each selected work was crafted and finalized in post-production using image layering and element elimination in order to create meloncholic-minimalist pieces. One of my main goals for this project was to capture the essence of each artist in the most endearing and obscure way.

View the rest of the series here.



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New Tycho & Memoryhouse

I’m really excited to announce the early release of Tycho’s new album “Dive.” CD, vinyl, and direct download available over at the to ISO50 Shop. So far, I’ve ran through the album three or four times and I can’t get enough. This new music from Tycho has been long awaited and has far from disappointed. Looks like I’ll have my music set for my autumn/winter design sessions.

Visit ISO50 for more info.

I am also super excited for “The Years” EP by Memoryhouse which was just released late last month. The video above is a full stream of the EP with new and unreleased visuals by Jamie Harley. Jamie does a wonderful job capturing the emotion and feel of the music in the visuals with the dreamy, washed out, and psychedelic imagery. I’m really anxious for the full length LP now.

Also worth viewing: Quiet America by Memoryhouse.

Visit Memoryhouse.se for more info.

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Dive + Hours Artwork

Here is the artwork for Tycho’s new album “Dive and the first single from it “Hours.” Scott Hansen never seizes to disappoint musically and artistically. What always draws me into Scott’s artwork for his music is his photography aesthetics. The colors, imagery, and mood are always in unison with the music. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

The “Hours” single is now available on iTunes.

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Season Quiet

Here are some absolutely beautiful shots taken by photographer Jacob Sargeant. I found out about his work through the ISO50 blog. Scott Hansen used some of Sargeant’s experimental photography for some background elements in his recent work like the Analog Visions poster. The images above are some more of his recent work and are nice to look at during this current time of the year. When I view each photograph individually I can almost feel the chill of the air and the warmth of the sun all at the same time. I love the shallow depth of field he used on the bottom two shots.

Check out more of Jacob Sargeant’s work on Flickr.

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TYCHO ➡ Nocturne Poster



Here is Scott Hansen’s (ISO50) latest work for his upcoming Tycho show in Toronto. I was stunned when I initially saw these because they look different than most of the work that he has done in the past while still portraying his signature style. In his recent work he has really utilizes the use of silhouettes as a central focal point for his designs. Scott has really become a master of layering using here about 20 image layers overlayed with various blending modes masking them with the woman’s silhouette. His excellent choice of color only enhances the composition in both posters.

To read more about his poster and upcoming show go to the ISO50 blog.

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Tycho ➡ Coastal Break




I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new Tycho single, Coastal Break…and it is finally here. The official release date for the vinyl and digital is set for December 8th (my birthday…yay!). Pre-orders will start November 2nd which I am going to be all over. Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50) has amazed me once again with his flawless style of music and design. His choice of colors, imagery, and type treatment is absolutely breathtaking. The 12″ vinyl cover is fairly simple with a strong use of image and in the reverse he uses his type successfully creating soft breathing room. The vinyl will be coming with a limited edition poster of alternate artwork folded into each vinyl sleeve. Visit the ISO50 Shop.

Via ISO50.

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ISO50’s Color Management: A Field Guide



After extensive research and much experience with color management Scott Hansen (ISO50) and Alex Cornell have teamed up and created a wonderful guide for color management to help ensure your studio is set up correctly and to help maintain consistency in your workflow and studio environment. Along with this super insightful post ISO50 created beautiful artwork for the guide. Here is a snip of Color Management: A Field Guide:

Whether you are designing for print or for the web, making the leap from what you see on your computer screen to the outside world can be a tricky process, fraught with unpredictable changes and unexpected results. The web is full of information regarding color management and sifting through it can be very overwhelming. Contradictory opinions abound and it can be difficult to find reliable sources of information.

Read the complete article here.

Whether you are designing for print or for the web, making the leap from what you see on your computer screen to the outside world can be a tricky process, fraught with unpredictable changes and unexpected results. The web is full of information regarding color management and sifting through it can be very overwhelming. Contradictory opinions abound and it can be difficult to find reliable sources of information.
Over the last few months, Scott and I have been researching this topic extensively. With the addition of the new Epson 9900 to the studio, we wanted to be sure that our printer workflow was optimized and producing a consistent output. With the help of Kirk Economos of Meridian Cyber Solutions, we have implemented a color management system that works for us. Below we have tried to aggregate this knowledge into a simple and useful guide, designed to help you ensure your studio is set up correctly. It is not intended to be the end-all article on color management by any means — but it’s a good place to start if color management isn’t something you have previously implemented or considered.

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Launch Festival Photos




Tycho and Dusty

Dusty and Tycho

Dusty Brown

Dusty Brown and Tycho

Last Saturday at Sacramento’s Launch Design and Music Festival, Tycho and Dusty Brown gave outstanding performances to a large crowd. Dusty Brown played right after Sister Crayon and then Tycho took the stage shortly after displaying visuals behind him on the stage. Later that night Dusty Brown and  Tycho gave a rare performance (Dusty, Zac, Jessica, and Scott) of  “A Circular Reeducation (remix)” electrifying the crowd. These are just a few of the photos I took and I am actually going to develop one more role. So I will probably have another post within the next few weeks. View more photos from Launch on my flickr page.

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svenska large




The City






Scott Hansen

Here’s my long overdue post about someone who has been of major influence on me, Scott Hansen. He is a San Francisco based musician by the name of Tycho and artist/designer known as ISO50 originally from Sacramento. I stumbled upon his Tycho performance in Sacramento’s Artisan in 2007 and I was blown away when I walked into the gallery to hear his music and see layered,dreamlike motion visuals behind him playing in perfect harmony with the sounds he created. Prints were displayed on the walls and a table was set up with his latest album Past is Prologue with some prints for sale as well. It was truly an unforgettable moment. From that point on I have been a huge fan of Tycho and I’ve followed him on his blog. His work as an artist/designer has been a huge source of inspiration for me and his music has helped ease my mind and get the creative juices flowing. Through the most stressful of times and through the most beautiful moments his music has been a soundtrack to my life. Hansen’s work as ISO50 has a nostalgic style particularly of Graphic Design in the 60s and 70s and is hugely inspired by Bauhaus. His blog reflects inspirations of that style along with music and culture to stimulate your brain and senses.

Design, to me, is the search for efficiency. Efficiency in conveying a message, efficiency of form. In this way I see some of my own work falling into the category of design, while some of my other work falls under the umbrella of illustration. With the more illustrative pieces my primary goal is to create something beautiful or striking in a visceral sense. These goals remain intact when I create a purely design-driven piece, but there is the added goal of minimalism and efficiency which constrains the process and limits the content. It is these constraints that force us as designers to reveal the core of the idea we are trying to express and to seek the most direct route to it. In this way, all of the periphery and excess of illustration and fine art can be shed to expose the roots of visual communication and express them in a concise and instantly understandable form. When I see something that embodies these ideals it is always very moving, these are the things that drive me to create. So these are the sorts of things I will be posting here and whether it’s examples of graphic design or industrial design, I will try to describe what makes these things appealing to me.


If you have yet to see his work or have not heard his music just go over and check out his blog at iso50.com where you can find links to Tycho music, iso50 shop, and portfolio. The works above are just a few of my favorites but this is only a taste of what Hansen has created. You can also see more of his work at flickr.

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