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Federica Erra Fotografa

The haunting and breathtaking work of Federica Erra. Her unique perspectives with people and use of color tell stories through the quietness of her photos.

Check out more of her work here.



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Pablo Delfos Photography

I found out about Pablo Delfos this morning through a great post Jonathan did on ISO50. It’s really inspiring to see a photographer still using film and traditional photo processing. Delfos’ work is all in black and white and has a Surrealist touch to it. You definitely need to check out more of his work.

Pablo Delfos

Via ISO50

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Matt Wisniewski

The surrealism present in these fascinating works by Matt Wisniewski is unprecedented. I recently found out about him through Shelby White’s awesome post on the Wanken blog. Matt is a Brooklyn based web developer with a incredible talent for manipulating photos into collage gems. I would absolutely love to get my hands on prints of the top two pieces. Matt’s style is reminiscent of the another inspiration of mine Mark Weaver, who I have posted on before, but very unique in its own respect. I would love to collaborate with him in the future! What do you say Matt?

Check out more of his work here.

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Inspiration ➡ Will Calcutt

I found out about the talented Will Calcutt through Ghostly International. He’s done some real solid work for the record label including artists/bands such as Choir of Young Believers, Matthew Dear, and School of Seven Bells just to name a few. What drew me in to his work was his ability to create a surreal environment for the people in his photos playing with depth and layering behind and sometimes in foreground. Truly inspirational!

Visit his site to see more work.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

My friend Jack shared this video with me today…all I can say is that I am still speechless after seeing this masterpiece. It is usually hard for me to call a short film/video a masterpiece but Alex Roman really capitalized with this one. He captures the essence, in a unique manner, of some of the worlds most breathtaking designs from furniture to architecture through the lens of vintage camera(s). The compositions he creates within each frame take on there own life as well suck you in to this dreamlike world.

The videos were created using 3dsmax, Vray, After Effects, and Premier. But what amazes me here isn’t just the execution, Roman crafts truly beautiful images with impeccable taste, something often missing from highly technical productions such as this. The man perfectly rendered a Mies van Der Rohe and an Eames, give him a medal! Maybe I can get some VR googles and map his work to the interior of my house and pretend to live in some modernist paradise. —Scott Hansen/ISO50

Roman is able to create nostalgia attaching emotion with these stimulating visual compositions. As you are watching the video you realize that all of the subjects, that are sometimes surrounded by nature, have been created by human beings and are some of the most highly studied and admired in art and design history. Roman took supposedly took a year off to create this film and I have to say it wall all worth it!

This video really inspired me and really took my mind to another world. It also really made me appreciate the timeless objects we have created around the world. To really appreciate all of the wonderful effects Alex Roman created to compliment these wonderful designs and architecture I would highly recommend that you watch this at full screen on Vimeo to get the full experience. WATCH IT HERE!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention this video is a FULL CG animated piece so that means it was created entirely on the computer. You probably won’t believe me until you watch this but don’t watch it unless you’ve watched the one above:

Compositing the Breakdown (T & S)


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Disney and Dali ➡ Destino

In 1946, surrealist Salvador Dali formed an unlikely friendship with Walt Disney and they spent a short time collaborating on a short film called Destino. Unfortunately, only 18 seconds of Destino were ever shot, but in 1999, Roy Disney reconstructed the entire short using computer rendering and hand-drawn imagery based on the original sketches and storyboards.

I found this from Cole earlier today and I was really speechless while I was watching it. Although Roy Disney did an exceptional job reconstructing the short, I could only imagine how great the film would have been if the original duo had finished making this masterpiece. So much emotion and thought evoke from watching Destino and the essence of Dali’s style is nicely depicted in a Disney manner…Absolutely beautiful. Great find Cole.

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