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The New Humans ➡ Avalanche

If you haven’t already heard, it’s time you found out about The New Humans’ debut ‘Avalanche’ EP. As the band’s designer for a year and photographer for over two, it’s been amazing to watch The New Humans grow into the colossal force they are today. On Saturday, August 21st, The New Humans and I will release ‘Avalanche’ at the Townhouse to the masses.

Rough art concepts for the ‘Avalanche’ EP began early this year. The entire identity of the EP was designed around a stunning photo from The Herbert Collection which I’d stumbled upon in Sac State’s library. I turned the first few pages of the beautifully aged book, saw the image, and immediately could feel and hear TNHZ‘s ‘Avalanche’ pulsing through the paper. After several meetings with the band, we all agreed the image would make the perfect centerpiece to build upon.

I created a wordmark for The New Humans using the realist and modern typeface Univers. I felt it expressed the personality of the band, especially when the right colors were applied. The artwork creates nostalgia and hints at old science fiction book covers and movie posters from the late 60s and early 70s – both major inspirations for me. An accent magenta color was added to show the new and contemporary feel of the band in contrast of the retro imagery. With the artwork established, I was able to apply it to a flyer and poster design. The front and back of the flyer is shown in the last image above.

-Raoul Oretga

As a musician, you are always searching for imagery that accurately represents your music. It’s a very hard and scary process. With our band exploring many sonic textures on this album, we were daunted by the task of capturing all the musical elements visually while still maintaing a sleek and simple design. Luckily, we’ve got Mr. Ortega on our side.

Before we began designing the artwork, Raoul and I outlined two general concepts for the EP – we wanted to use a found image, and with said image, create a visual entity. We talked about artists like Stanley Donwood (radiohead) & Scott Hansen (tycho) who we admired for constructing a brand of sorts with every album they design — a visual stamp made on the music which inevitably becomes infused into the music itself. Think Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or Radiohead’s “Ok Computer”.

When Raoul first sent me the image from The Herbert Collection, I was floored. It was the first and only image he ever showed the band, and right away we knew it was the one. As Raoul mentioned, the artwork evolved rather quickly after that. The text was added, tweaked, and finalized in a matter of days. The interior jacket sleeve was designed using type as texture, and the jewel case inlay is a glitzy remix of the nostalgic cover. With these elements added, we feel like we were very successful in creating an accurate visual representation of the album.

To further our pursuit in creating an entity around the album, promotional posters and flyers were made using the album’s general design scheme. We also redesigned our websites in accordance to the colors and images of the album. Needless to say, we feel we’re well on our way to imprinting ‘Avalanche’ in the minds of the masses.

– Cole Cuchna

The ‘Avalanche’ EP Release Party is this Saturday August 21st at Townhouse in Sacramento. The night will kick off at 9 pm and you will finally be able to get your hands on a CD.

For more information, go to The New Humans ‘Avalanche’ EP Release Party event page.

Check them out on their website, myspace, and facebook.


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Sacramento’s Electronic Music Festival was a great success. The energy there was like nothing I have ever seen before in Sac. I managed to get a few shots during The New Humans show on Friday and a lot of Saturday’s show of Paper Pistols, Sister Crayon, Tycho, and Dusty Brown. You can see more of the photos from the festival on my flickr photostream.

ISO50 shows some love.


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The New Humans will be performing live at Sac State Wednesday February 3rd at noon in the University Union Redroom. Their concert will include new songs from there upcoming Avalanche EP. The event is absolutely free so there is no excuse not to see one of Sacramento’s best bands. Not to promote playing hooky but even if you have class you can be a few minutes late and check out TNHZ.

For more info check out sacstateunique.com

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The Last Club Pow

So the Monday night was the officially the last Club Pow at the Press Club (RIP). Here are the last pictures of The New Humans and Dusty Brown you will ever see of them there. It was a tough night for me to take photos because of the massive crowd around the stage but I managed to pull some really nice shots. Both bands gave amazing show for the crowd and performed new music as well.

A big thanks to Ira Skinner for delivering flawless audio that evening and for all of those unforgettable nights at Club Pow!

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TNHZ ➡ Studio Sessions

So TNHZ is back in the studio recording for their 7 song EP set to be released early next year. I went to the studio a few times within the last month to capture their work and atmosphere on camera. My first session was with Mike Steez on drums and second session with Cole Cuchna on piano. The second session I was lucky to have my friend Josh aside with me and I was able to test out his Canon 5D with 85mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 lens which really give a shallow depth of field giving more emphasis on the subject. I am in the process of trying to get a hold of a 50mm for my Nikon D60 right now. I really love the effects the lens produces.

Over the next few weeks I will be back to shoot Robbie LaCasse on bass and Scott Simpson on vocals. So check back for updates. Don’t forget about TNHZ‘s upcoming show for The Last Club Pow with DJ Shaun Slaughter and Dusty Brown this upcoming Monday. For more details visit Facebook.

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TNHZ Update

FEVER 'Teaser' CD

FEVER 'Teaser' Inside Sleeve

FEVER Teaser Cover Art

If you haven’t heard already TNHZ’s Fever Teaser is available at The Beat and Cuffs Urban Apparel. You can buy the Fever track on iTunes as well.

Here is some news you probably haven’t heard yet: The New Humans are back in the studio recording 7 songs for their full length EP. They will be in studio for the next few months and I will be posting updates as they get closer to the release. Over the next month or so I will be working on the EP artwork as well and I might post some teaser shots of the artwork during development stages. So be on the lookout!

TNHZ will have their last show in Sacramento for a while on November 30th at the Press Club with Dusty Brown and Shaun Slaughter. That’s one evening you won’t want to miss.

You can mentioned we’re going into the studio for a few months to record 7 songs for our full length EP and that our last show in sacramento for a while will be nov 30th at the press club w/ dusty brown and shaun slaughter…
the meeting was good…i’ll tell you about it next time i talk to you

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TNHZ at Luigi’s Fungarden










Here are some of the photos I took of The New Humans at Luigi’s Fungarden during their show with Royal Bangs. TNHZ gave a killer performance to an electrified crowd surprising them with a brand new song to end the set. I’ll have more photos of the night on flickr soon.

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Royal Bangs + TNHZ


Design by Raoul Ortega

Tennessee’s Royal Bangs are currently swarming the US and are stopping in Sacramento this Saturday (September 19th) to play with The New Humans at Luigi’s Fungarden. The show starts at 8pm and cover is $5. Luigi’s Fungarden is located at 20th street between J and K. Also if you haven’t picked up TNHZ’s two song single ‘Fever’ teaser they will be selling them at the show for $3. Hope to see you all there!

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TNHZ Fever Print

TNHZ Fever print 2

TNHZ Fever Print

So here it is the first print for TNHZ’s debut single ‘Fever’. The New Humans will are making their single available in some record stores in Sacramento. So be on the look out for the poster in front and inside the record stores. I printed this one Super B size and then trimmed it down to 11 x 18.6 inches on a textured paper that compliments the aged look quite well. I’ll be updating this post with more details soon. You can also stay updated with TNHZ on Myspace and Facebook.

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Final Artwork + Fever Tonight



Here it is, my final design for the two song single ‘Fever’ Teaser which will be for sale tonight at the Old Ironsides release party for The New Humans with a price of $3 for the single and $5 cover charge. TNHZ will be performing with Call Me Ishmael and Pets. They will be the second performance of the evening. Old Ironsides is located at 10th and S street in Midtown so get on down there around 10pm. This is a big night for me and especially The New Humans and I hope all of you can make it out to support the music and design.

This was my first real project outside of school and I really enjoyed it because I was working with such an inspirational band that carries a strong voice . The New Humans and I have a similar nostalgic vision and I’ve been a fan since they began so we were able collaborate our ideas to create successful artwork. They wanted to keep it clean and simple so I decided to go with simple shapes and composition with minimal use of type. I usually have a retro style so we thought it would actually look great if the artwork expressed some nostalgia.

While we were brainstorming I asked Cole if they had any colors in mind for the artwork and he said that they always think of purple as a projection of their music. I thought is was a great color to express their music and especially the songs on the single: Fever and Modern Age. So I thought we would use a complimentary for a second color so I chose a gold-like color which is appears as an amber. This color represents The New Humans on the cover shifting the norm in the system of structured and ordered society. On the inside slip I created four male figures which take on two meanings. One to represent the four band members and the second where the odd one out represents the new human of the group of humans. The cover art is also printed on the CD itself so the the CD and its casing are quite cohesive. Look forward to seeing much more work from me for The New Humans. I’ll be taking photos at the show so “watch out” for those photos.

If you want to hear Fever and Modern Age visit there Myspace and give a listen and stream ’em.

Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and on my Flickr page.


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