Designer: Alex Cornell

wes anderson film festival project poster

Soundtrack Packaging

First DVD, front.

Bus shelter poster

Billboard poster

Pantone Palette Cleansers Poster

Mega City Map

Megacity Interlink closeup

Set in Stone Final Cover

Day For Night Magazine

Alex Cornell is a design contributor on the ISO50 blog and Scott Hansen’s only intern. He is also a current masters student in design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Alex’s work is absolutely amazing displaying much knowledge and experience of design and typography along with having a great eye for photography. His retro style and excellent posts on the blog have been of major influence on my design and photography. Definitely one of the most influential designers I follow. My favorite work of his is the Wes Anderson Film Festival project (Top 4 images above). Check out the trailer he made for it on Vimeo. Scott Hansen/ISO50 definitely found the right guy to partner with because they share a lot of the same ideals of design. Alex and Scott recently made Color Management: A Field Guide, which I just discussed on a recent post. He is also quite a talented musician.

View more projects of Alex Cornell on Behance.

View all posts by Alex on ISO50.


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